Are you looking for a stylish yet affordable room divider for your home or in the office? IKEA lets you choose from a wide variety of dividers for rooms, which will definitely meet your standards. You can rely on the durability of these dividers, as IKEA is famous for quality and low-cost products. Here are some of the amazing room dividers that IKEA offers.

IKEA PS Plank Room Divider

For a more natural look in your home, you can try this plank room divider by IKEA. It comes with a steel frame, constructed with the main parts such as banana leaves, coir, seagrass and palm leaf. This foldable divider will instantly give your home a forest appeal, because of the fine materials from a variety of leaves. This is practical for every home, as it can also serve as a screen. Design may vary because it is handmade, thus creating a unique look in every product. It is easy to clean and maintain the good quality of this divider, as well. Simply wipe it with a dry cloth and keep it away from a very warm area at home, as the intense heat can dry out and deteriorate the materials of the product.

This divider measures 185 cm (H), 162 cm (L) and weighs 48 pounds. This great room divider made from raw materials comes with an affordable cost of only $99.90.

RISOR Room Divider

Give your house an instant edgy look with this RISOR room divider by IKEA. This foldable screen and room divider comes with a stunning array of white squares and rectangles with black edges. It is durable and sturdy, constructed with solid pine, clear acrylic lacquer, stain and polypropylene. Your home will exude a modern vibe with this functional and space-saving room divider. You can easily maintain the cleanliness of this product by wiping it clean with a damp cloth and your choice of cleaner. Then, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

You will love this great product by IKEA, which measures 72 cm, 10 cm, 186 cm (W x H x L). It is lightweight and sturdy, and weighs 18.2 kg. You can avail of this stylish room divider for only $99.99.

If you want to give your home an exciting new look, you can always purchase the right room divider for this purpose. Aside from providing privacy to any room, these dividers also function as a decorative item that is perfect for any home.